We’re Open Path Clinic,
a psychological well-being provider,

that is in love with being HUMAN

Hi, I’m Anja Lang. Yes, I’m the travelling psychologist. Welcome to Open Path Clinic.

I am a mental health entrepreneur, psychologist, coach, meditation teacher, business consultant and world traveller.

My passion is fulfilling my potential as a human being on this planet, and helping others to do the same.


Open Path Clinic

I began my own journey through extensive study, practise and travel at a young age. Living in more than 10 countries on all continents learning from teachers and specialists in human development. Simultaneously, applying all knowledge directly, and seeing myself grow in confidence, clarity and compassion, I now know it is possible to develop and thrive. My intention is now to take everyone with me, and nourish well-being and contentment.

I started Open Path Clinic in 2017 as a means to help people find their way in life.  


The vision of Open Path Clinic is to inspire people to affectionate fearlessness, mental health and growth of freedom in thought and action.


The mission of Open Path Clinic is to lift one million people out of anxiety, stress, depression and trauma within the next 40 years.
It’s to support companies and organisations to become sustainable human workplaces that fully benefit employees and society.

So, how can we help you?

We help you rediscover your potential, strengths and well-being.

Every life should be lived meaningfully, memorably and in full bloom. May that be your personal life or work life.

And guess what? Every ounce of you energy should be used to foster vitality and connection with yourself and others.

We work through individual sessions, group sessions and on short and long-term basis. Our work has made us sought after therapists and consultants. Having worked with individuals with different life struggles, for large companies like the LEGO Group and NGOs like New Life Foundation, we are well prepared to be there for you.

Read about our services below.