Team & Organisation Development

Business development consultancy

Organisations are as varied and complex as they are ubiquitous: they differ in size and internal structure; they can entail a multiplicity of goals and tasks (some of which are planned and others unplanned); they are made up of individuals whose goals may differ from those of the group; and they must interact with other organisations and deal with environmental constraints in order to be successful. This complexity frequently results in a myriad of problems for organisational participants and effects the organisation’s survival. A process consultant will help navigate problems and obstacles efficiently. And find the best solutions to move forward.

Process consultancy a powerful leadership tool

My role is to help your group to get through a challenge, a change or conflict in a sustainable and goal-oriented way. You will experience a practical movement towards solutions rather than theoretical expert advice.

The focus is on your group’s internal and external processes, such as collaboration, communication and leadership processes. The process consultant will facilitate a structured movement from diagnostics to analysis to implementation, step- by-step, to help reach a place of consensus, decision and clarity. The solution will be sustainable and will specifically apply to your group’s and your organisation’s needs.

Standing together

Through facilitation of strong group processes.

Systematic clarity

Through questions, maps, and evidence based techniques.