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What are the causes of human happiness?

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Anja Lang is a certified international psychologist and therapist with years of experience and top class education. For many years she worked in a manager position for one of the world most renounced companies, LEGO Company, in London.

She has studied secular mindfulness in Denmark, where she also finished her degree as a Psychologist and process consultant.


She left her job to do a personal project in Tanzania for a year. It was to teach Psychology and self-development in the small town of Paje on Zanzibar. She travelled to South Africa and Ethiopia while on the continent.

Adventures on the African continent brought her to India to study meditation and somatic practises, like yoga and ayurveda. She lived in ashrams and studied with Tibetan buddhist teachers in the Himalayas.

She graduated in 2019 from the academy of movement arts in India where she studied the ancient martial art form Kalaripayattu and three ancient Indian dance forms: Bharatanatyam, Chau and Odissi. There was also extensive training in ballet and contemporary dance.

She then worked in a therapeutic mental health center in Thailand, New Life Foundation, where she worked as a trauma psychologist and learned from the Theravada Buddhist tradition, that she had studied before while living London. Anja is now supporting the foundation to open in Portugal.

Anja is currently enrolled in a 10 year meditation and buddhist philosophy program, which brought her to Taiwan in 2020, to study in the Zen Buddhist tradition. She lived for 5 months in the mountains in two buddhist monasteries, where she received training in the Zen tradition of Chinese Buddhism. She worked as a psychologist online and offered workshops until 2022.

Current Affairs

She left Taiwan in late 2021 to settle in the Portuguese mountains and is currently working as a psychologist with psychotherapy at New life Portugal but also still engages in her private practise in Denmark and Portugal.

For inquiries for psychotherapy or consultancy sessions (onsite or online) please write to: